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Who we are

Mars Expeditionary Outfitters is Second Life's™ third largest creator-retailer of large moving starships. We focus on the functions of our ships as roleplaying and general environments, making sure you will feel at home and comfortable aboard our ships, rather than cramped and claustrophobic. We use professional and full-custom textures created just for SL to give our ships a unique beauty you won't find in lesser builds. Also, we provide some of the largest and most robust sets of scripted features on our ships in the market, while taking an aggressive approach to cutting down lag - a Mars Expeditionary Outfitters ship will lag less than half as much as most avatars. We also work to ensure that our builds are render-efficient, so you will actually be able to look at them, while not compromising detail. All our ships are copy/modifiable in build, and copy-only in scripts, however we are the first starship brand in SL to offer extensive documentation of our flexible APIs so scripters can build upon what has already been done.

The Mars Expeditionary Outfitters brand is currently the work of The Greeblers:

What we do

We build. We script. We texture. We make animations. We sculpt. We mesh.

In short, our group is a pool of multi-talented individuals with a broad range of skills, nearly completely spanning all aspects of Second Life content creation. Together we have assembled some of the most amazingly-scripted and customizable starships in all of Second Life, and, outside of MEO, our members are involved in creating and founding such exciting Second Life brands as Ifritian Industries and Unnatural Selection.

As the triathletes of Second Life content creation, we can see a project through from initial design to final launch, including all necessary LSL scripting, sculpted (or mesh) prims, custom textures, concept art, and manual writing.

Our products

Here's a sampling of some of the mainstream product releases under the Mars Expeditionary Outfitters brand.


  • Released: Q2 2011 (Upcoming)
  • Starship

Artemis is the leader in large-moving starship technology in Second Life. Fielding four rapid-fire automatic turrets, Artemis is capable of pumping out hundreds of bullets a minute - but doesn't cause a noticeable dip in simulator performance. Advanced calculus-based target-leading technology makes it deadly accurate, while bullet spread keeps things fair. Artemis's turrets are a rare treat in Second Life. By using proper rotation math, Artemis has turrets whose housings and barrels move independently, but are limited in their rotations, as if they were truly mounted to a real ship. No ball turrets here.

Battlecarrier Poseidon (Beta)

  • Released: Q4 2009 (Beta)
  • Starship

This grand masterpiece is 150 meters long, but still manages to come in under 1,500 prims. Using a combination of sculpted megaprims and bounding skeletons, Battlecarrier Poseidon is one of the most render-efficient megaships in Second Life. This ship includes pathfinding, smooth-movement fighter docking pads, which can be made compatible with most modifiable fighters; launch systems with automatic door control; smooth, momentum-simulating movement, and more.

Like a Google Beta, Poseidon is already richly-featured and stable, but we just can't help but add more.

Rising Star!

  • Released: Q1 2009
  • Starship

One of the most popular ships of its time period, Rising Star featured Second Life group-based access systems, a built-in, user-customizable scene rezzer, and instructions for how to customize it. Rising Star had a unique and special oriental feel in its interior, which hadn't appeared on a commercially-avialable large-moving starship before, sweeping with beautiful luxury.

MEI-S-09104 Server

  • Released: Q3 2010
  • Equipment

We take pride in doing things in less prims, and the MEI-S-09104 is no exception. Using only 2 prims, the MEI-S-09104 has a handy notecard mailbox or distributor with multiple access options built in, or may be used as decoration by itself with no scripts.

Onyx 07 Tactical Visor

  • Released: Q3 2010
  • Gear

Need something for your avatar to wear? We do that too.

The Onyx 07 Tactical Visor is highly optimized, using only 3 sculpts and textures up to 1/8th the normal memory usage.

Rubikon II Skyscraper Storefront

  • Released: Q3 2010
  • Prefab

Applying megaprim skills to building, this marvelous structure weighs in at only 43 prims, despite the level of detail. Unconventional, yet widely applicable, it fits in most urban settings, and can be used for decoration of an urban simulator, in addition to its designed use as a storefront.

Design sketch for client.

Custom Orders

Please note, commissions are currently booked through to the end of Q2 2011.

Got that one ship you've always dreamed of? Does your faction or military need a new fighter or assault carrier? Perhaps you just want some small modifications done to your existing ship by someone professional?


Payable via L$, or in US dollars via Paypal. L$ rates subject to fluctuation based on the exchange rate of the Lindex. US Dollar rates are authoritative.

Builds which are not deemed marketable in the broader market will be assessed a down payment which will count towards total payment.

Builds which are deemed too similar to existing copyrighted content will be not be performed without sufficient evidence that the buyer is permitted to have this build created in Second Life. By commissioning a build, you assert that you have permission for the rights to it and will bear full responsibility for any consequences, legal or otherwise.

Contact Agent Tairov (on the SecondLife service) or tairov [at] niihama.ws to set up a commission.

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